Hosting a Themed Birthday Party & Getty Images Promo Codes

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Planning and hosting your child’s birthday party can be a great opportunity to showcase your creativity, especially if it is based on a theme. However, make sure that your kid’s interest in reflected in the theme that you select for the party. The lines below outline how you can host a successful themed birthday party for your beloved child.

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For a themed birthday party there are many things you may need to print out like invitations, decorative items, pieces for games, and gift wrapping. Sometimes you can find these things online for free, but they might not quite be right or you may not be able to find what you are looking for at all. Did you know that Getty Images now has much more than just stock photography for blogs? I guarantee you’ll be able to find almost anything you need for printables there, they have some excellent vector designs as well that can be scaled up if you need to print something at a big size. Take a look at for some promo codes to save money on your purchase with iStock. I did a simple search for ‘birthday invitations’ and it brought up hundreds of beautiful designs!

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Start With Theme Selection:

The very first thing you need to do is choose the theme of the party, and for this you have to talk to your child (if they are old enough to do so). If your child is interested in trains, try to think of innovative ways to make the party train themed, like including a cake designed in the shape of their favorite train toy. Once you decide the theme, it will help you narrow down the activity and decoration choices. Make sure that you select a theme that you can incorporate elaborately in every aspect of the party.

Sending The Invite:

Find out how many guests are to be invited. Make a list of the guests and send them invites. You can come up with unique ideas to design the invite. For example, for a pajama themed party you can design an invite in the shape of a bed using paper (search online to learn how to make a bed from paper). Once the invites are prepared, you can send them out to the respective guests. Don’t forget to mention if parents can stay (in case toddlers are invited).

Decorating The Party Site:

Next, you will have to decide whether the themed party will take place indoors or outdoors and what decorations you will need. If the theme is simple like a tea-party, then the decorations can be set up indoors, but for a carnival themed party, you have to set up booths, gallery and games either in the backyard or hire an open space for the party. Only when you can visualize all that you will need for the party, can you actually make the party a success.

These days balloons made from different materials are also available online and offline, so pick some balloons that go with the party theme. If you cannot find proper decoration for the theme, try designing something on your computer and taking a printout of the same for decorating the party site (see the above iStock promo codes).

Food And Goody Bag Ideas:

Cakes these days can be easily customized, so meet with professionals in advance to tell them what kind of cake you want for the party. Of course, the cake should match the theme of the party- be it a T-Rex or a Zoo with a mix of different animals.

Apart from the cake, the food too can be organized according to the party theme. For example, in a train themed party, you can cut out the sandwiches in the shape of a train, and make bags filled with popcorn and chips to place on the train track shaped arrangement (on the table).

The goody bags that you send back with the guests can also designed according to the theme. For example, for a scientist themed party, you can pack a mini test tubes with peculiar edible samples in them.

Hopefully the above-mentioned ideas will help you host an amazing themed birthday party for your child. Never panic, instead calmly plan ahead of time so that you don’t have to rush anywhere in the eleventh hour. The greatest reward for your effort will be the happiness the party brings to your child.