Craft Project: Make Your Own Storybook Using iStock Promo Codes

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By spending time with your child so that you can guide him/her on the steps of writing a picture storybook can be challenging but a funny activity for the child. Through proper planning and writing of a picture storybook, the child can learn how to put his/her taught in the right order using the written language to communicate his/her ideas in various ways.

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Helping your child make their own Storybook

It can be tricky for you and your child to find great inspirational ideas for writing a picture story, but if you work on it together you will be successful in writing a storybook. Some of the guidelines that you can use so that you can help your child to write a picture storybook are:

Find your best idea

The best way to start is by reading a storybook with your child. You can stop after reading a few chapters and ask your child to predict the outcomes and how the story that you are reading might end. The alternative ending that your child gives can act as the source material of a new story. You can also tell your child to write a story about their real-life experiences for instance; a fascinating place that they have visited before, the first day they joined a school and how they feel when they are sick.

Create a unique character and a setting

You can ask your child to think of any character of their choice (it can be an animal, child or an adult). By they using the characters that they are familiar with it will be easier for them to come up with a good picture storybook. Let them imagine and write anything about that character without you adding your ideas to their ideas. After he/she is through it is when you can collect him/her on how to make the storybook more interesting. You can also let them write a story they have watched.


Try to encourage your children to write ideas on a piece of paper but avoid coming up with a complete story from the beginning. After that, you can guide them in arranging the ideas in a structured manner so as they come with a complete story. With time they will know how they can gather ideas on their own and write a picture storybook.

Try to use various materials

If your children are young, it can be beneficial for look for various materials so that your children can read and put the ideas down on their own. You can use one large piece of paper so that they can create a storyboard that has pictures.

In conclusion, there are various ways that you can use in encouraging your child to write a good picture storybook. It is good that you do this in a conducive environment that does not have any distraction. You must ensure that you continuously encourage them to read and talk to their level best so that they can develop an understanding of language and communication. Give your child a priority in writing good picture storybooks, and you will never regret.