Best Headphones Under $100 and Tips for Travelling with Children

best headphones under $100

It seems like just when you’re back into the whole school routine, along comes another set of school holidays. It’s wonderful to be able to spend some quality time with your little ones whilst they are on holiday, and if possible, to take them away for a break. Don’t open your mouth in indignation, traveling with kids doesn’t have to be messy as people often think. Remember, people always make a bigger deal of negative experiences than positive ones, so chances are you’ve heard plenty of horror stories regarding tiny travelers. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some helpful tips to help make your little travel companions happy, without you losing any of your hair in the process!

Use these Best Headphones Under $100 to Distract Older Children

If your kids happen to be old enough, you can give them a pair of headphones and a tablet or ipod pre-loaded with some games, movies, and music to keep the occupied on long car trips, airplanes, trains, and while waiting at various places. Kids aren’t always the most careful custodians of items, so here is a list of top quality headphones that cost less than $100. A good pair of headphones can make a long trip much easier! You can also save on orders by looking for the headphones at a discounted rate on websites like Ebay or Amazon.

best headphones under $100

Planning Ahead

If you are traveling with a single child only, you must maintain a little diary with all necessary information mentioned such as emergency numbers, names and your residence. This information will be handy if your child goes missing at a public place like airport and shopping malls.

You should not expect your children to eat airline snacks and meals as they often find them uninteresting and tasteless. Pack up little chewy food items that will satiate your child through the flight Finger foods like pretzels, fruit, and cereal are a good choice for your children; keep pacifiers, sippy cups, and bottles for younger children. For older children, you can keep gums, candies and other things they like.

There is little worse than arriving at your destination and having to tug your children along from hotel to hotel because there are no available rooms. Therefore, planning your trip thoroughly is your best friend when it comes to traveling with kids. When booking, ask your accommodation provider if there are any special deals available which give you discounted rates for staying in a family room. When you are traveling with children by air, book for non-peak hours (midday, late at night and Monday to Wednesday) so you might have a chance to get a free seat for your child to sleep.

Keep a set of spare clothes for yourself, as infants and small children often spill drinks and liquids. Also keep some airsickness bags, as the ones provided by the airlines are not very useful.

Purchase some toys and anything that looks interesting for the children to keep busy. Get different playful objects for each child according to their ages. Storybooks, music tapes, and toys are great fun during the flight. If you have children aged 6 and above, you can purchase board games, books and similar things that enjoy and keep them busy.

Keep all medical records of your child along with primary travel information. This will be helpful if your child suffers from any diseases that are likely to happen when the environment changes. The doctors overseas will need to see your child’s medical history and primary information. Also, pack some anti-histamines if your child has some allergies.

If your children are very young, and especially if they have begun to walk, it is a good idea to invest in a child monitor. Most of these monitors will be worn as a wristband on your child, of which you will hold the receiver. If the wristband moves out of your radar or gets removed, an alarm will sound. Furthermore, if your children are older, you need to instruct them on the safety rules of your intended destination.

Purchase an inexpensive camera for your children so you can recall your vacation from your child’s perspective as well. Bring a memory book home to put pictures in later.