Best Headphones Under $100 and Tips for Travelling with Children

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It seems like just when you’re back into the whole school routine, along comes another set of school holidays. It’s wonderful to be able to spend some quality time with your little ones whilst they are on holiday, and if possible, to take them away for a break. Don’t open your mouth in indignation, traveling with kids doesn’t have to be messy as people often think. Remember, people always make a bigger deal of negative experiences than positive ones, so chances are you’ve heard plenty of horror stories regarding tiny travelers. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some helpful tips to help make your little travel companions happy, without you losing any of your hair in the process!

Use these Best Headphones Under $100 to Distract Older Children

If your kids happen to be old enough, you can give them a pair of headphones and a tablet or ipod pre-loaded with some games, movies, and music to keep the occupied on long car trips, airplanes, trains, and while waiting at various places. Kids aren’t always the most careful custodians of items, so here is a list of top quality headphones that cost less than $100. A good pair of headphones can make a long trip much easier! You can also save on orders by looking for the headphones at a discounted rate on websites like Ebay … Read the rest

Craft Project: Make Your Own Storybook Using iStock Promo Codes

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By spending time with your child so that you can guide him/her on the steps of writing a picture storybook can be challenging but a funny activity for the child. Through proper planning and writing of a picture storybook, the child can learn how to put his/her taught in the right order using the written language to communicate his/her ideas in various ways.

Use iStock Promo Codes for Pictures

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right pictures or graphics that you need to complete your picture storybook. One suggestion I have is to use a service like iStock for professional quality photos, illustrations, and graphics to assist in putting together your project. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, for example you can use coupons like the ones found at to save money. They have some really nice backgrounds and templates as well!

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Helping your child make their own Storybook

It can be tricky for you and your child to find great inspirational ideas for writing a picture story, but if you work on it together you will be successful in writing a storybook. Some of the guidelines that you can use so that you can help your child to write a picture storybook are:

Find your best idea

The best way to start is by reading a storybook with your child. … Read the rest

Hosting a Themed Birthday Party & Getty Images Promo Codes

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Planning and hosting your child’s birthday party can be a great opportunity to showcase your creativity, especially if it is based on a theme. However, make sure that your kid’s interest in reflected in the theme that you select for the party. The lines below outline how you can host a successful themed birthday party for your beloved child.

Savings Tip: Use Getty Images Promo Codes

For a themed birthday party there are many things you may need to print out like invitations, decorative items, pieces for games, and gift wrapping. Sometimes you can find these things online for free, but they might not quite be right or you may not be able to find what you are looking for at all. Did you know that Getty Images now has much more than just stock photography for blogs? I guarantee you’ll be able to find almost anything you need for printables there, they have some excellent vector designs as well that can be scaled up if you need to print something at a big size. Take a look at for some promo codes to save money on your purchase with iStock. I did a simple search for ‘birthday invitations’ and it brought up hundreds of beautiful designs!

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Start With Theme Selection:

The very first thing you need to do is choose the theme of Read the rest

Best website to buy children’s books: AbeBooks

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Selecting the best books for children can be a peculiar task for parents and relatives. Although initially it seems like a small task, children’s books can have a significant impact on development of child. However, browsing for books has become much easier with the help of internet and trusted websites. There are a handful of popular websites in this niche but there are numerous reasons for why AbeBooks might be the best website for buying children’s books.

AbeBooks Promo Codes:

Expenses for books can add up quickly. We found a reliable coupon website that has some valid promo codes for Abebooks:
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Giving more books to children helps them in getting a wide range of ideas and increasing their vocabulary. Childhood reading also improves communication capability and grasping power of a person. Although buying new books can be expensive, AbeBooks understands the need of children and offers a wide range of selections to buyers along with coupons for discount.

Book enthusiasts can find rare prints, first editions, signed copies etc. for affordable prices at this site. On the other hand, general buyers can get used books along with latest bestsellers at extremely low rates here. Therefore, this website can fuel any child’s imagination without burning a hole in the buyer’s pocket.


Covering more than 50 countries, … Read the rest

Aliexpress Promo Codes and Skylanders

Skylanders Games Teach Problem Solving…And Addiction Behavior.

Skylanders Figures and Characters
If you have a child over the age of 5, you’ve likely already heard of Skylanders. The video game/action figure hybrid has been a home-run for game-maker Activision.

The basic idea behind Skylanders is innocent enough: there are action-figures, or ‘Skylanders’, that you put on a portal and that toy becomes a living character inside the video game. Each Skylander has its own microchip to keep track of stats.

Only certain characters can perform certain tasks, so in order to get a more complete video game experience, your child needs to collect more and more toys.

This helps your child learn problem solving skills. Ask him which Skylander he needs, and he’ll tell you. And he’ll tell you what part of the game it will unlock.

But I bet you can tell the problem with this business model: it teaches your kids to collect more and more Skylanders. They can become addicted to the idea of buying them, because the game itself will reward that purchase with more entertainment.

And these aren’t cheap. They retail for about $10 USD each, which in itself isn’t that bad. But when you consider that there are 30 or more characters to choose from (as well as limited edition versions that can cost hundreds of dollars!), these costs add up. And that’s … Read the rest

Welcome To Kids Indoors!

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The Mission for the New

Our mission is to provide parents everywhere with simple, entertaining and educational activities for kids of all ages. With more than 50% of new families living in heavily urbanized areas, having activities for kids to keep them physically and mentally engaged is more important than ever.

Of course, you could have your kids run wild at your local zoo. Since cities are a potentially more dangerous place for your kids to go outside and play (hazards include traffic, unsafe construction areas, more un-savory characters, etc.), having your child indoors is becoming the norm for most urban families.

But there are limitless possibilities for stimulating your child’s mental and physical abilities with indoor activities. There are tons of physical videos games that require your child to move in order to use them. There is Netflix, which has a child-friendly version of its site that you can load up on your tablet for hours of entertaining and educational videos. There is Facetime, where your child can chat with his friends after-school without either of them having to leave the comfort of their home.

We’re going to give advice for children of all ages, from newborns straight up until the more autonomous teenage years. We hope to become the go-to guide for parents looking for ways to mentally and physically … Read the rest

3 Fun Indoor Games For Elementary Aged Kids

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Keeping Kids Indoors and Having Fun!

Having a group of elementary school-aged kids over for a party sounds like every parent’s worst nightmare. Especially if you want to keep them all indoors for the duration of the party: these kids have energy levels that even Olympic athletes couldn’t hope to match. Luckily there are lots of cool games you can play that require minimal effort on your part, but maximum fun for them!

1. Simon Says

This one is quite a hands on game…if you’re the narrator. But there are apps you can play on your smartphone that will operate the game for you. All you have to do is run the app and let the kids play the game themselves.

View ‘iSays’ in the app store (iOS).

Upside: – hands off, but will keep kids occupied.
Downside: – some kids will inevitably cheat, leading to accusations that parents will likely need to break up. The game also only lasts about 20-25 minutes before the kids start finding it repetitive.

2. Treasure Hunt

Kids love going on treasure hunts, especially if there’s a sweet reward at the end. Set up a list of things that the kids need to find and hide them around your home. Set clear limits (so the kids don’t start looking through your bedroom!) for the hunt, and watch them scurry … Read the rest

iPad Mini Cases – Companions for Toddlers and School-Age Children

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Entertainment and Learning For Children

ipad cases for kids

The lines between entertainment and education are blurred more now than ever. And that’s a great thing for kids these days. While user-friendly tablets were first marketed for tech-geeks, the future of tablets may be in the classroom. Children have been gravitating towards these devices for everything from books to gaming to movies.

Indeed, these devices are not only great environmental tools (one tablet can replace thousands of textbooks), but kids are able to learn in a multitude of different ways. They are also becoming cheaper and more voluminous as costs come down. Soon every child will have access to a tablet and the internet…the potential for self-paced learning is truly unlimited.

For the Home:

But these tablets aren’t just for the classroom. At home, these tablets can provide education and entertainment for your toddler or pre-school aged child. In fact, there are specially-designed ipad mini cases for kids.

These cases for designed with two things in mind: they will protect the tablet from the rough-and-tumble life of a toddler, and they also function as a lightweight ‘companion’ for the child to carry around the house. They can easily take it to the kitchen and watch a tv show while they eat lunch, and then take it to the playroom and play an educational game. The cases protect the … Read the rest